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The Power Of Biblical Prayer-NOW THE END BEGINS.COM-NOV 6 2022
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Rightly dividing the word
Published 3 months ago |

I am not the world's best prayer warrior, no one is likely ever to publish a book of prayers they've heard me speak, but I do at least understand the importance of the biblical unction to 'pray without ceasing'. Not only that, I absolutely desire to be a more fervent praying follower of Jesus Christ because, next to our salvation, the ability to pray to God is the greatest gift He has ever given us. It's time to get serious about prayer, even if you're not good at praying, especially if you're not good at praying. The verse I have chosen for my text is, obviously, a promise given to the Jews in relationship to the Temple where God was pleased to meet with them there. But as all scripture is given to us for our learning and admonition, I am going to make a spiritual application of the passage. Look anywhere in the Bible where it talks about prayer, when does God start listening? He starts listening when we get our perspective in line with His. He starts listening when we get in line with His Book, His Son, and His Holy Spirit. God answers our prayers to give us the ability to get something done for His Name. When did the thief on the cross get the attention of the Lord? When he humbled himself, got in line with the coming King and the coming Kingdom, Jesus immediately answered his one and only prayer. Want God to answer your prayers? Then it's time to start praying biblically!

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