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The 5 Stages of Gaia’s Ascension
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Published 2 years ago
What stage of ascension is Gaia in right now? What about humanity as a whole? And where are you personally in the process?

You may have heard the theory that Gaia, or the Earth, is moving from a low density “inverted” reality to a higher, more “enlightened” reality. As the Earth ascends, so does humanity. Here we’ll explore 5 stages of that ascension process using the analogy of a person leaving an abusive relationship and finding self-esteem again.

This theme of Gaia ascending is explored in the book Helio Tropez, where the planets and suns are considered sentient beings going through their own evolution process. The theme explores how Gaia has gone through a long era of great challenge, but now she is finally maturing into a more evolved state.


02:23 - Has Gaia Been in an Inverted Reality for a Very Long Time?
05:47 - Stage 1 - Experiencing a Crack in the Veneer
08:00 - Stage 2 - Getting Support
09:14 - Stage 3 – Leaving the Relationship
11:14 - Stage 4 – Healing from the Past
12:15 - Stage 5 – Returning with the Elixir
14:15 - Further Resources

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