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Shocking Video: Joe Biden Responding To Press In A Zombified, Catatonic State - 1833 6PM
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 23 days ago |
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Episode #1833 - Wednesday - March 11, 2020 - 6PM
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Shocking Video: Joe Biden Responding To Press In A Zombified, Catatonic State - 1833 6PM
t’s actually difficult to watch this clip. It’s not Biden’s fault, but he cannot be Commander-in-Chief.  Even if our country could somehow embrace his radical views, he cannot handle the hardest job on earth...
Shocking Video: Joe Biden Responding To Press In A Zombified, Catatonic State – E-Militia News 
GUEST: Nate Cain began his distinguished career as information assurance & security specialist in the US Army in 1997 and has, over the last 23 years, worked as a leading subject matter expert in cybersecurity for several high-profile agencies and institutions in the Defense, Intelligence, & Law Enforcement industries. While working as an FBI contractor from 2017-2018, Nate became the first ever to use the Intelligence Community Whistle-blower Protection Act to report an "Urgent Concern" to the DOJ Inspector General Horowitz, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, after discovering evidence that Senior Leadership at the FBI failed to enforce multiple United States criminal laws, as well as counterintelligence and foreign investment policies and directives. He was repaid for his service to his country by having his life turned up side down as the FBI raided his home, seized his personal property, investigated and surveilled him, and ensured he was fired from his job. Follow him on Twitter: @Cain_Nate   Support him at:
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