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My 2019 Prophetic Dream WARNING TO CHURCH Unfolding Now in COVID-19
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Vivian Gendernalik Narrow Way
Published 9 days ago |
I have been seeing my prophetic dream I posted on my channel April 2019 coming true before my eyes these last couple of months, but it doesn't have to be that way. Not sure if the Chapters feature on YouTube work here, but below are the sections let one jump to what interests.
0:00 God's Time to Reveal Overrides My Bad Hair Day
0:55 [Confirmed] The Devil's At It Again
1:32 Itinerary to My Breaking It Down
2:55 Basic Background on Prophetic Dream
3:25 Proof Had Dream Months before 1st COVID case
5:17 The Lord's Heart in This
6:40 How This Revelation Empowers You To Stay Safe
7:31 Begins Detailed Interpretation to Original Dream Video
8:07 All Essential Comparison Understanding the Threat
11:11 Flag symbol Confirming COVD-19 as Dream Event
14:35 Full Force & Happening When Foliage Green
16:24 Revelation if Pandemic an End of World Event
19:27 The Toll of Hanging in Crowds Indoors and Out
20:46 Important Message of the 2019 Prophetic Dream
21:26 The Terrible Situation Going to Cost All the Lives
22:33 [Computer Model] Congregating Gaping-Hole 1 Leading to Needless Deaths
25:12 Defining What Makes the Problem a Super Threat
31:55 [Simulation] Congregating Gaping-Hole 2 Leading to Needless Deaths
33:52 Summing up 3 Pics of 3 Churches Reopening Showing Serious Issues
44:10 [Computer Model] Congregating Gaping-Hole 3 Leading to Needless Deaths
47:19 Message the Lord Wants Made Known Now
49:02 Important comparison for churches to 1918 Spanish flu

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