Israel Makes Costly Gains In Gaza
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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continues to advance in the northern Gaza Strip at a steady pace, despite sustaining some serious losses as a result of fierce resistance by the Hamas Movement and other Palestinian armed factions.

The ground operation in Gaza, which began on October 27, is Israel’s main response to the October 7 Hamas-led surprise attack which claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Israeli troops and civilians.

The Israeli Defense Forces have been advancing from three directions: along al-Rasheed Street on the coast of Gaza; near the city of Beit Lahia in the northeastern part of the Strip; in Wadi Gaza, right to the south of Gaza City.

On November 2, the IDF completely surrounded Gaza City after capturing its southern outskirts down to the beach line.

In the following days, Israeli troops didn’t advance much. However, they did secure and reinforce areas captured to the south of Gaza City. In addition, routes were opened for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of civilians who were still trapped in the city and other parts of northern Gaza pocket. Although, the evacuation was allowed for a few hours only every day.

On November 6, the IDF resumed advance along the beach in northern Gaza along al-Rasheed Street from northern and southern directions in an attempt to block Gaza City access to the sea. Israeli troops also made limited advance attempts towards the heart of the city, mainly in the directions of the Shifa Hospital.

The IDF captured most of northern Gaza beach in the next two days. However, it took heavy losses. By November 8, at least 31 Israeli troops had been killed while taking part in the ground operations. Many others were wounded.

Hamas’ military spokesman said that on November 7 alone, Palestinian fighters destroyed 15 vehicles of the IDF during the clashes along the beach and near Beit Lahia.

The heavy bombardment of the IDF failed to subdue the defenders, or even to stop rocket attacks on southern and central Israel. However, it inflicted heavy losses on civilians, especially those trapped in northern Gaza.

The Hamas-run Health Ministry said on November 8 that the death toll from Israel’s ongoing intensified onslaught on Gaza has jumped to 10,328 people. 4,237 children and 2,719 women were among the dead. In addition, nearly 26,000 were wounded.

Israeli bombardment also killed at least 60 of more than 240 Israeli hostages held in Gaza, according to Hamas.

Despite taking heavy losses, the IDF will likely continue its ground operation in northern Gaza. Israeli troops could storm Gaza City once the beach is fully secured. The battle there will be intense. If the Israeli leadership wants to capture the city they will have to accept heavy human and material losses.


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