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Official Q-Anot Update - January 13, 2021
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Russ Wade
Published Wednesday |
Official Q-Anot Update- January 13, 2021
Deception is everywhere, especially in the news.
Russ Wade - The Weeping Watchman

Please Watch These Links for more explanation on Simon Parks:
HighImpactFlix –Brian

⁣Take away from this video:: A viewer asked, what should I take away from your video?

1. Don't trust the source unless you verify. see the links I give as Brian gives much more detail on this Simon Parks.

2. Biden is in and Trump is out, prepare for the worst. I can't give a lot of detail on this or it will get shut down. Use your best thinking on what you will need to survive if you had to do without, money, food, power etc...

3. This is a distraction, stop investing time and hope in the political system and start preparing and get to know your neighbors.

4. Most important, be prepared spiritually, Jesus will rapture the church soon. Watch my other videos for good teaching on how to be saved and please God in the spirit. You can find me on YouTube, Brighteon, Brandnewtube, Bitchute and Rumble all under RussWade.

5. They will attack us on multiple fronts as I said, money, electricity, food and they will come to take your resources. Thank you for asking and please be prepared.
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