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Stefan Molyneux
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Published 4 years ago
Dear Stefan,

I could really use your help. My cousin had her first baby in July of this year. Sadly, he baby passed away due to exposure to herpes simplex 1. He was 12 days old.

The funeral is coming up and I will be in attendance. I desperately want to say something to comfort her but I don't think any words can help. What should I say? What can I do?

Do you have any advice? I was thinking about writing a letter to her, saying to love the memory of her baby strong enough to try again and not to give up. But is that too strong? Too soon? Unasked for advice?

I am truly at a loss. I can not begin to comprehend the grief she and her husband are feeling. Any advice no matter how small would help.

Thank you, God bless.



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