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Awakening Magick From Within: More About the Mother of Dragons, Maji Grail Lineages & Original Divine Human
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Awakening Magick
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Published 7 months ago

As a descendant of the the Emerald Order, this is an original Grail Line that is the Cosmic Christos Sophia wisdom keepers, the bloodline is th eCeltic-Druid Maji Grail lineage, and I’m a part of a sisterhood of the female mystics/seer line of the Mother of Dragons.

My overall service is to be a reminder of magick, not the twisted evil magick, but the magick that is the fabric of all of Creation, and to help others remember their OWN magick, the DIVINITY that lives within… and that is what makes a Human absolutely DIVINE.

This world has been inverted and manipulated by negative factions that do not want humans to remember who they are … but I know that if every Indigo-Starseed ignites their mission on earth then we fulfill our larger mission of rising up TOGETHER to bring forward each of our unique wisdom that we hold within.

This helps to UNVEIL more and more truths … the Original Creation Blueprint… these are the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings.

I look forward to sharing, remembering and walking this path of initiation and speaking in more truths so that we can walk in the light of wisdom and compassion once again …

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