Situation Update, Nov 17, 2022 - Sen. Schumer calls for REPLACEMENT of Americans who can't have babies after mRNA depopulation jabs
42095 views • 11/17/2022

0:00 Intro

3:15 Great Replacement

12:10 Germany

20:05 California

24:40 Judge blocks Title 42

26:33 Crypto Crash

42:08 Food News

57:35 Pastor Todd Coconato

- After causing infertility and depopulation with vaccines. Sen. Schumer wants to REPLACE Americans

- Germany preparing for massive power grid blackouts, bank runs, fuel scarcity and civil unrest

- California heading toward BANKRUPTCY thanks to Newsom's looting and economic destruction

- Title 42 struck down, enabling mass invasion across the southern US border

- El Salvador headed for DEBT DEFAULT following huge losses in Bitcoin

- Crypto contagion spreads to other exchanges, some withdrawals halted

- Associated Press nearly starts World War III with fake news about missile striking Poland

- FDA approves lab-grown meat for human consumption

- German meat industry says grocery shelves will be empty (of meat) in 2023

- Supply of common antibiotics wiped out across US pharmacies

- Natural remedies that work for many infections (backup emergency medicine)

- Sen. McConnell withholds campaign money from America First candidates

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