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High Hopes
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(Note: It is become clearer that most of the installed elite have been (pre-planned) through bloodline or bio-engineered to be both male and female in the image of the Baphomet so that they can be possessed by these controlling evil entities or through a godless satanic culture that coerces/seduces normal humans into blending or changing their genders so that demons can partly control or fully possess them. Once separated from source or God (they have no soul), Adrenochrome becomes one of their life sources or means to keep young or keeping a clone going. Goal to destroy the family unit and invert everything that is good. Once you know this secret it explains everything and those affected stand out like a sore thumb. Would it be inconceivable to suggest that when both the current pope and Vatican support the Great Reset, Pfizer, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum that possibly the past Vatican conclave, Cardinals and the pope himself have been penetrated by these demonic psychopathic entities as well? Most celebrities if not all are secretly transgendered because they pay allegiance to their false deity Baphomet who is an androgyny. Take it or leave it, but where is the better explanation? Thank God for Q Intel, the leaked Podesta Emails and WikiLeak dumps. Time to wake up! Marcum - MyCatholicRedPill)

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Awaken With JP
May 7, 2022

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