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Energetic Warfare: Parasitic Entities vs. Orgone Life Force Energy
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Published 6 months ago

Sharon Daphna joins Max in a mind-bending discussion about the invisible interdimensional energetic war designed to terraform the Earth and harm it’s inhabitants. Sharon drops truth bombs about the silicon-based AI attack on carbon-based life and the etheric parasites which inhabit the people upholding the control structure here on our planet. Sharon explains Orgone energy and how to make Orgonite to counteract the deadly radiation grid created by cell towers and cell phones, which exist for both weather and mind control. Sharon also delves into the difference between a living human obeying the laws of nature/God versus the artificial legal entity we use to engage in commerce as well as the problems with the sovereignty movement. Sharon has concrete solutions we can use to combat this energetic war devolving human health and consciousness and shares her own activism with Orgonite gifting and the return of normal weather on the West coast and other locations. We can raise our consciousness and clean up our skies and our minds by addressing these energetically.

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Here is a link to the presentations by Marcus called Servant King. They are on a Google drive:


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