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Capitol Police Open Doors to Allow Protesters Into the US Capitol on January 06, 2021.
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Published 2 years ago |
Capitol police open doors to allow the peaceful and orderly protesters into the US Capitol on January 06, 2021.

There is no conflict nor "overpowering" (after all, it would not be possible for a group of unarmed protesters to overpower the huge force of armored and armed security at the world's greatest super power's Capitol).

Clearly, it may be seen that the peaceful protesters, like any tourists, are calmly invited into the building while a large force of armed security is visibly present immediately outside.

The US Capitol building, is arguably one of the most securely protected building in the entire world. There are snipers on the building around it and is the Capitol of the nation with the world’s most advanced military (and most funded) giving it nearly limitless access to the most advanced technologies, surveillance systems, and securities on Earth. Remember how It took a decade of efforts, planning, and an elite SEAL team to infiltrate a makeshift compound in Afghanistan; and, relatively speaking, that was a 3rd-world poorly funded area and organization NOT even a nation; another example, it took an all-out war to invade Saddam Hussein’s HQ. Isn’t it at least somewhat “interesting” how some untrained, unarmed, peaceful protesters so easily “breached” all layers of security at the US Capitol? With such a large security, police, and military forces around (the presence of a huge armored and armed police force coming out from within the building is clearly seen in many videos), how were the protesters able to simply wander the halls, get into Pelosi’s office for pics, get up right behind the seat Pence uses, and get by the VP’s Secret Service agents as well? Do you really believe anyone could so easily get into that chamber? And then be there without any immediate conflict even though we see hundreds of armored police coming out from the building in other videos?

Perhaps, though, they were ALLOWED in (invited in and used in the system’s narrative to manipulate the masses and manufacture “consent” to further anti-freedom agenda). IF the oligarchy didn’t want those people in that building, the people would never have any chance to get inside; clearly they were let in (as can be seen in some videos).

Get curios. Step back from the narrative you are being fed from the corrupt media, use reasoning, and logical questions. A crowd wouldn’t even be able to push their way into your local police station, but supposedly US Capitol security, the world’s greatest and most funded super-power with a huge visible armored security force present, was so easily breached by a handful of unarmed protesters – does that narrative make sense?
Think about it critically. If you have ever been to Washington, D.C., you have seen the guards, the snipers, the metal detector on just a “regular” day.

On this day, million gathered to protest for a vital cause during a significant and historic moment.

Truth Seeks the Light.

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