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Proving The Earth Is Flat | MUST-SEE Experiments!
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Published 2 months ago |
Originally uploaded to YouTube on Jul 6, 2018 with 15.5K views.
This is a mirror of "Why I'm a Flat Earther ... 37 Must-See Experiments" by Taboo Conspiracy

The original video is found here:

Number 1: Taboo Conspiracy – Willard Bay 6.23-Mile Mirror Test:
Number 2: Taboo Conspiracy – Utah Lake Test 1:
Number 3: Taboo Conspiracy – Utah Lake Test 2:
Number 4: Taboo Conspiracy – Great Salt Lake Horizon Test:
Number 5: Ricerca Indipendente Terra Piatta – Italy Horizon Test:
Number 6: Sexy hot and right shape Flat earth – Finland 16.8-Mile Boat: and
Number 7: Wide Awake – Navigational Marker Test 1: and
Number 8: Wide Awake – Navigational Marker Test 2: and
Number 9: No Fanfare – Ship Tracking (Crossandra): and
Number 10: Rob Durham – Mechanical Gyroscope Axial Rotation Test:
Number 11: John Savage – Mechanical Gyroscope Sensitivity Test:
Number 12: FEPE PERTH – 9.56-Mile Laser Test: and
Number 13: – Pic de Finistrelles 275-Mile Record Photograph: and
Number 14: – Canigou: jeranism -
Number 15: groutaone/Globebusters – 7.3-Mile Laser Test: and
Number 16: Rowbotham's Bedford Level Experiment/7th Day Truth Seeker: and
Number 17: C.B.S. - Wellington Harbor Curvature Test:
Number 18: Phuket Word – Refraction on the Dam:
Number 19: bmlsb69 – 9.41-Mile Oil Plaform at 1-Foot Test: and
Number 20: gudtims4all – Chicago Mirage:
Number 21: Sleeping Warrior (Anthony Riley) – 1-Foot Isle of Man Proof: and
Number 22: Adam i Fe – Bristol Channel No Curvature:
Number 23: Auguste Piccard – 10-Mile Aeronaut: “It seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.”
Number 24: Russian Aeronauts – 62,304-Feet Aeronauts - “they tried in vain to detect any curvature”
Number 25: Felix Baumgartner – 128,000-Feet Jump:
Number 26: David C James – Worm's Head:
Number 27: Rob Skiba – Lensing and Sunsets:
Number 28: DITRH – Kitchen Sunset:
Number 29: gudtims4all – Warehouse Sunset: and
Number 30: Little Piggy – 121,000 Feet and Flat:
Number 31: DogCam – The Sun is Not 93 Million Miles Away:
Number 32: MassFn 90 – Capo San Vito Lightouse: and
Number 33: LORAN - U.S. Government Proves No Curvature:
Number 34: SkunkBay Time Lapse – Atmospheric Distortion is Real -
Number 35: Ranty Flat Earth – Barrow-in-Furness - 19-Mile Shore-to-Shore:
Number 36: FE Photographer – Infrared Island: and; JTolanMedia 1 – Las Vegas from 28,000 Feet:
Number 37: FE CORE – 25-Mile Laser Test: and

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