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No matter what happens over the next 6 months, folks like us, MUST remain cool, to get see tomorrow!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 6 months ago |
There is a great deal of frustration building up in our communities and within ourselves, but it is our responsibility to remain as cool as possible, so that we can get to the other side of these issues. ~ Today, I saw a video on Twitter, that underscores most of what I said in this video. I would rate the video "R" for violence and nudity. Don't get caught up in this shit! The video is suppose to be from a Las Vegas Casino. No matter who wins the elections, there will be riots. We can count on random acts of violence, disruptions in our daily lives, and more destruction in the immediate future. Also, there could possibly be power outages, road blockages, and additional looting of the surviving stores. Presently in Oregon and California, fires are being set to add to our troubles. Deliberate actions are set into motion to unsettle our entire society with chaos, hate, and hopelessness. You can count on the release of more counterfeit money, like the George Floyd $20. to create additional distrust for the Government. We will survive these time because we were not caught off guard, uninformed, and empty handed. The weeks and months that are coming up, are the times that Preppers prepare for. Don't count on you local grocery store being there, sitting there untouched, still full of food after the election results are contested. Don't count on deliveries being made to your local stores or to your door. And don't think that people will not be coming to your door asking for your help. The next 6 months will be the shit that Hollywood will make movies about for the next 20 years! But there is only one way to survive and tell about it tomorrow, and that's by being cool today. My simple message today is this; No matter what happens, we folks have got to be cool! We must avoid over-reacting, having your buttons pushed, or being tricked into a road raged or a street-fight. Right now, our job is to watch over our families, and ourselves, and then our communities and our towns. Trust no one, question all news reports, and think for yourself.
What's the secret of being cool?
Live life one day at a time. Avoid rushing and surprises! Rest on the Sabbath! Thank you! ~ Prof.
Change is now.
***** This is the global financial reset! *****
Heads-up! The supply chain is broken. NOTHING is coming in from China.
Most of what we import did come from China. Get to the hardware stores!
We are in a bad situation. The timeline has been revealed and it
cannot be altered. Mayan Calendar date 12/21/2012 The end of the world prophecy was misinterpreted. The truth is, 7 years of feasting will be followed by 7 years of famine! On 12/21/2019 we began the 7 years of famine. Keywords for the 2020's Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Food, and Cash Money! ~Prof.
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