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53. Biofilm: Protector of Chonic Illness and the weapon that destroys it (Chlorine Dioxide)
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published 6 months ago |
There are a lot of illnesses that hide themselves in the subtle pockets within the body called Biofilm. When you take medication or have treatments for your disease, you wipe out the problems that are in the bloodstream but the illnesses come back because they are burrowed deep in the gooey plaque phlem which acts as a sheld against antibiotics or other medical drugs. Learn more about how this happens and how Chlorine Dioxide cuts through biofilm to destroy both the plaque AND kills the pathogens and toxic substances that reside in it. Chlorine Dioxide really is the "Jedi Knight" of medical treatments. The only thing that is stopping it is the evil empire that spreads lies about it. :)

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