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6 Best Home Ozone Treatments for Coronavirus
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The Power of Ozone
Published 2 months ago |
To clarify: there is no evidence so far that ozone treatments are a remedy for the Coronavirus infection or any other infection and that's also not what I'm claiming in the video.

But I had to choose a snappy title for the video to catch your attention ;-).

So those are the treatments that I THINK could possibly improve your chances to overcome the infection.

I'm not giving any guarantees, and I've been wrong in my thinking in the past.

But there are a few patients who make a convincing case that ozone may have helped them overcome what they ASSUME was Covid19.

The 6 best home ozone treatments could potentially be, in my opinion:

1. DIV, or direct intravenous ozone injections. So the injection of oxygen/ozone gas mix into the vein. A woman who is a member of The Ozone Group shared her near miraculous recovery from what she firmly believes was Coronavirus infection with the help of home DIV treatments. Also Dr. Olmedo from Spain is convinced that he contracted the infection and he also recovered using DIV, among other ozone treatments. A recent test showed that he was Covid negative, but the doctor thinks that it’s the ozone which did that.

2. Ozone saunas. I used them on my Dad several times when he came back from his travels with lung infections. My Dad has chronic bronchitis and COPD and on top of that he would catch a flu like infection and each time I succeeded in getting him well again with ozone saunas.

3. Ozone body bag. That’s an alternative, lesser solution to ozone saunas which can be also very effective.

4. Hydrogen peroxide baths with 1 to 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide added to a full tab of water. Soaking in it for 30 min every day or every other day can be a great immune booster and an alternative to ozone saunas and help knock out infections.

5. Breathing Ozone Bubbled Through Olive Oil. Ozone can’t be breathed in raw, but after it has been bubbled through oil it creates ozonides which are beneficial to the lungs and retain the therapeutical properties of ozone. My Dad did this when he had a lung infection and it gave him an immediate relief from coughing.

6. Breathing nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Marcus from The Ozone Group shared how this improved his breathing problems immediately.


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