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Dr Jennifer Daniels - Does COVID-19 Exist or Not? Who or What Do You Trust? on OneRadioNetwork with Patrick Timpone (02.22.21)
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Published 2 years ago

Dr. Jennifer Daniels lives in Panama, where the temperature went down to 81° Fahrenheit. There was no Texas Snowmageddon in Central America.

Why does Dr. Daniels have such smooth skin? Is it because she’s African American or is it something she’s eating? Is it ham hocks? Is it pig feet? Maybe bull’s eggs?

What can we learn from an electron microscope? Is anything we see through it valid? 

Is the coronavirus contagious? Is it deadly? Are nursing homes dangerous? Dr. Daniels compares nursing home deaths in Atlanta and New York. Does the coronavirus exist or does it not exist? Has anyone even seen it? Who or what do you trust? Is it your gut or God? Should you trust yourself? Is that your highest choice? Why should we trust someone else? “Who do you think knows? Who do you think cares?” asks Dr. Daniels.

Do people die from HIV/AIDS? Or do they die from AZT? Or do they die from their belief? If the germ theory doesn’t exist, how can we contract herpes, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases?

Getting the vaccine is submitting to harm just because you were told to do it, according to Dr. Daniels. Patrick plays a vaccine propaganda piece. All it really shows is Obey, Obey, Obey, Obey. Dr. Daniels critiques this propaganda commercial at length. Don’t miss it. She takes it apart and puts it back together again the way it really is.

Patrick and Dr. Daniels discuss turpentine and Vitality Capsules.

Are all the issues in the tissues? Patrick and Dr. Daniels discuss connective tissues and lymphatics.  Is the flow of toxins multi-directional? How does this apply to specific parts of the body?

How do you get rid of nanobots? Is it possible? Do the PCR swabs make you trans-human? “The best thing to do is not to get tested. Or if you must get tested, use another method,” advises Dr. Daniels. What about the loss of smell and taste from the PCR test?

What if oxygen is needed and you can’t get to the hospital? When you submit to the PCR test, do they get information from you? “Anything you say and do will be used against you.” What are common-source outbreaks?

What is tropical sprue? What about non-tropical sprue?

Dr. Daniels explains the content of her consultations.

How do you treat Candida?

Is it better to treat cancer or leave it alone? Dr. Daniels addresses this question with statistics, something most people don’t do. Is the cancer cell trying to kill you or help you?



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