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Trooper Buddy
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Almanacs Never Lie Jews Do
New York World Telegram Corporation.
"The World Almanac and Book of Facts for the year 1948", 1948: 572.
The World Almanac notes the following pre-WWII populations of Christians and jews:
Christians: 682,400,000
jews: 15,315,000

Christians 682,400,000
jews 15,315,000

Christians 592,406,542
jews 15,753,638

Perceived difference:
Christians -89,993,458
jews +438,648
Thus, according to the most credible jew and Christian sources in the world, there were 89,993,458 FEWER Christians after the war, and 438,648 MORE jews after the war, than there were before. But, at the historic growth rate of the Christian population of 1.5% per year, the 682,400,000 Christians in the world in 1933 would have been 853,158,362 by 1948. Instead, mostly due to WWII, the actual population was 592,406,542, 260,751,820 fewer Christians than there would have been without WWII. Even at a more conservative growth rate of Christians of 1% per year, there were 199,838,673 fewer Christians in 1948 than there would have been without WWII.

Real difference:

Christians: -260,751,820
jews: +438,648

Between 1950 and 2000, a period of 50 years, the world population more than doubled, from 2.56 billion to 6.09 billion, an annual growth rate of 1.75%. Most of that growth was in the less developed countries where the population grew from 1.7 to 4.9 billion. The population of India increased 3.5 fold (2%/year) and of China 2.5 fold (1.7%/year), adding another 1.4 billion people to the world.

So it's not at all unreasonable to expect that the population of Christians between 1933 and 1948 would have increased 1.5% per year had it not been for WWII:

Christian population.
At 1.5%/year

At 1%/year

682,400,000 - 682,400,000

692,636,000 - 689,224,000

703,025,540 - 696,116,240

713,570,923 - 703,077,402

724,274,487 - 710,108,176

735,138,604 - 717,209,258

746,165,683 - 724,381,351

757,358,169 - 731,625,164

768,718,541 - 738,941,416

780,249,319 - 746,330,830

791,953,059 - 753,794,138

803,832,355 - 761,332,080

815,889,840 - 768,945,401

828,128,188 - 776,634,855

840,550,111 - 784,401,203

853,158,362 - 792,245,215

Amateur historians like Leonardo place the figure for the number of dead from WWII at 54 million, but they estimate only 20 million dead in Russia, whereas Russian sources put the figure as high as 64 million when the Bolshevik Revolution is included. Encyclopedia Britannica casually estimates the loss of life to be between 35 to 60 million, but this puts the Russian loss of life at 18 million, 46 million lower than Russian sources which claim the figure is as high as 64 million.

Where is the monument to up to 260 million CHRISTIANS who died JUST due to WWII, not even including the First World War nor the Bolshevik Revolution? Why are US taxpayers, the vast majority of whom are descendants and relatives of these dead Christians, expected to pay for holocaust memorials for six million jews who weren't even Americans, are an enemy foreign power, aided and abetted our enemy and according to the jews' own statistics didn't even die?

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"We will carry out a greater holocaust against the Palestinians," Matan Vilnai, Deputy israeli Defense Minister

“We owe it to the victims of the Holodomor and other genocides to be truthful in facing up to the past”.
World warmass murderholodomor

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