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Drought crushing farmers and ranchers
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Bitterroot Bugler
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Published 2 years ago
Livestock producers are cornered into selling off the herds rather than watching them starve to death. By non-coincidence, meat processing plants have been shut down by false flags, government dictates and hacker attacks.

Meat is extremely cheap at the ranches' gates, and even in the stores today. Farmland is idle as there will be no irrigation to keep the crops alive to harvest.

Ranchers and farmers will go broke. They will lose all they worked for throughout their lives and often generations-worth. No problem. The banksters will throw them a few useless pennies for the deeds.

There will be precious little meat in your future. Food of all kinds will be limited in selection and hard to come by.

There are no coincidences. Look up geoengineering HAARP, Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21
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