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Stefan Molyneux
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"I had an intense dream a couple days ago. Earlier that day, I had rejected a girl because she was making too many rapid changes in her life to match my needs in a relationship. Because of my concern that this is unsustainable for a life long relationship, I called it off a couple days after we started talking.

As I fell asleep, I was considering what I wanted from a relationship, outside of a life long relationship and a start to a family.

I found myself in a convenience store with friends, and I noticed a girl down the aisle kept looking at me, until eventually I found her just staring at me. I said "hi" to dispel the mystery, and she began to tell me something that disturbed me, being too explicit about her tragic past, and how she wants a family in the future. I slipped out of the store by pretending to go to the bathroom, and I went down the street to where I knew my friends would show up.

The girl finds me again outside, and after a scuffle, she ends up locked in a clear vessel containing septic waste. My friends walk up, and see the situation, and one of them points out a lever that fills and drains the septic tank. He demonstrates by flooding the tank to the top and draining it again. I see this, and repeatedly fill the tank a number of times, trying to punish the girl until she gives up her affectionate pursuit. When I drain the tank the final time because I think she had learned her lesson, she had disappeared!

I shudder, and chase after my friends who had continued down the street. We walk past a clear swimming pool, and I notice there's a murky blob near the bottom of the pool, and it moves and begins to surface.

I see a 2 year old toddler girl, with mottled black skin, and I knew at once she was related to the girl in the septic tank. I tried to keep my eye on this walking corpse while also sticking with my friends, but eventually my friends slipped out of view. I then turned around, and embraced the 2 year old's cold body, where she vanished. The soul seemed to merge with me. I started to weep."


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