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Rand Paul Says Vaccines Should Be Voluntary, Media Attack Back In Feb 2015
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Published a year ago |
Feb 2015
-Alex calls out the media for attacking anyone who talks about not getting vaccines, or even as much as customizing their own vaccine schedule for their child.
Today they would call you a vaccine hesitant anti-vax white supremacist.
Its like, ah no...I just dont want my child to be paralyzed and brain damaged. I want my child to have all the best opportunities possible. Thats not a crime; those who are coercing, shaming, and forcing me against my will to adhere to the vaccine schedule is the crime are the criminals. They need to be called out and hauled away for the trash they are. Alex continues to detail and express his discontent of the pushers.
What he has to say is important to hear. It should make you angry, and you need to get angry when people are lining up to get a shot of murder because they are told it's a cure for disease. People believing malicious blood thirsty liars and they trust them so thoroughly. Wwhen they the get crippled they dont understand what hit them. I cant think of anything more disgusting to do to naive innocent uniformed people=targets.
Would you stand infront of a dart board please?  You want that dart to pierce my skin? HELL NO! But that wont stop them, they are still coming to plunge a dart in your life veins so you can experience death sooner. If that doesnt make your blood boil, this country has no hope. Getting upset and angry is not a mental disorder folks, it's part of the natural spectrum of human emotion and its their as a defensive trigger for when your life is being threatened. And that is what the globalists are actively phsychologically disarming, is your self defenses. Why would they choose that? Because then they can get the guns without a fight. Their silent subtle methods of conditioning your subconscious. Persuading your mind to takedown your defenses. Psychologically manipulating your mind to be docile and roll over to be walked on as a floor mat. You dont resist, you're going to become that. Start remembering how to get angry.  Its justifiable to be angry when injustice is being done, its required for justice to be carried out. Jesus broke out the whip and flipped over the tables because he was pissed off at the manipulation and greed of others taking advantage of another. Jesus wants it known he doesnt respect jellyfish or door mats or the silver tongues. Stand up in anger and watch them flee. And I'm not calling anyone to go out and do violence, not at all. But get angry and use that energy to motivate you to do something that is going to help in a positive way. Anger is what motivates me to share information, because out of love I dont want people to be hurt. We need to reach critical mass to win this. If every person made a commitment to tell one other person and have them commit to tell one other person to commit to tell one other person. Guess what would eventually happen? Everybody in the world would eventually find out. Therefore, all that is required at the base, the minimum, is to reach one other person who will also tell another person who will also tell another. If you can get one person to listen to you and convert them to telling the truth. That fullfills your part as making a difference. I have accomplished this myself a few years ago, I did my part. But I didnt stop, I want to carry this flag and mount it through the dead corpses of the New World Order. Sorry to be graphic but I cannot live in the world they want to create, I cant live my life in the world as it is now. Its unacceptable. What awaits us on the other side of this fight is so glorious and magnificant.
I want to bring everyone their to see it. A place where the human connection is whole working together compounding 360 wins in everything we do. If anybody loses, we dont do it. This is the potential and it's possible, we dont believe it because we have been programmed not to dream and to settle and accept evil in all its forms. Dont settle, and I believe that is where Jesus comes to meet us. As in the garden, as in the beginning, as that we have to correct the story and overcome it ourselves, or we will never grow or learn. Jesus waits for us as a father does-to overcome. God is overcome! Its going to take anger to get over our suppression and We will win! To make sure the devils influence is put down forever and so we can actually see what man is capable of. We are not a cancer or a virus, do you think God would make such a thing and say it's made in his image? That's lucifarian doctrine infecting society, infecting the logic and rationale literally plaguing society at this moment. We must understand these methods and untangle them or we will fall into subduction, seduced by it. The goal for humanity is to overcome this epic struggle, failure is not an option, you dont take no for an answer, and when you say no it means no, no exception. Keep your eyes on the prize and God in your mind and close to your heart. Real peace.
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