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34 Days - Come up with your Plan B - what will you bring to the new barter/exchange economy?
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Bitterroot Bugler
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Published 3 years ago
When this world as we know it disappears, What will you do? In case you have not yet planned ahead, this is your reminder, perhaps you wake-up-call. What will you do when we transition from TEOTWAWKI to TSHTF a month from now?

If you do not think in these terms, you will be an unwitting, unprepared victim of the freight train roaring down upon us. If you are average, the elites know exactly what they want to do to you.

Most aware analysts peg October or November as when it arrives. I tend to believe those who think the November election is the target date for A LOT of these destructive influences to converge. Plus or minus a week, I am sure you can bet on a world you will not like around then.

THE POINT of this video is WHAT WILL YOU DO in the new world? What talents, skills, tools, supplies and so-on will you have in your quiver when the dollar and the jobs disappear?
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