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Episode 390: Where Are the Men?
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Samuel Adams Returns
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I have been seeing a number of article, podcast and videos that all come down to the question, Where Are The Men?

For me, this is not a new question. I have seen the effemination1 of men. This is caused by modern emasculation for the benefit of society. I say garbage to this castration of men by egalitarian2 statists. This neutering is the work of those who are at war against the Creator God. Oh, and don’t forget that the Church has failed men as well.

Where Are the Men – and the program

This week, I have Pastor Matt Trewhella join me to discuss a video that captured my attention last year: Where Are the Men? You can watch this five minute video which is embedded further down in the news letter. So what captured me about this particular video? It was the timing and the hard hitting content that raises the question of why are men vacant from the churches, marriages and public square? Then what struck me was that at the end of the video, we see young men who are vibrant, courageous and actively standing for God’s truth.

Now I have seen this discussion regarding men elsewhere, especially during the ChicomFlu insanity and the fight for the classroom. As Pastor Trewhella notates, men are the minority in the fight, vacant from most of the important battles.

What has been brewing for over 100 years is the statists, anti-Biblical view of God with existential humanism as their religion are the perpetrators of this emotional, cultural and spiritual eunuchization.

foot notes

  1. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: EFFEMINA'TION, noun The state of one grown womanish; the state of being weak or unmanly.

       2. relating to or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities

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