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JPMorgan; Economic Disaster And More Lock-downs Will Be Great For Stocks, and that's bad for us!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 4 months ago |
What happens on wall street, is unrelated to our businesses on main street. When we we go broke, it's no problem for them. When they go broke, the whole world stops in awe. Here's the link; The Banksters are profiting during this lock-down, as regular folks are struggling to make ends meet. These same corporations want Biden to win, so that the lock-downs, and the business closures continue. JPMorgan, is saying this now, so that you don't hear it, and when it is discovered that such a statement was made, it will be too late to change your vote, away from empowering Wall Street. Wall Street loves China and their money, this is why Wall street backs Biden. Our little businesses and lifestyles mean nothing to Wall Street. To Wall Street, only the bottom line matters, and that's their profit margin. Our little boarded-up, burnt out corner stores are just causalities to them, in pursuit of their bottom line. Old Joe Biden is telling what he plans to do, and that is continue the lock-downs and all that goes with them. If that's what you voted for, then you deserve what happens next. ~ Prof.
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