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Message to Pope Francis, May 28th May 28, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz
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Message to Pope Francis, May 28th May 28, 2020 By Anna Von Reitz

You can't possibly think that you can continue to obfuscate the role of Greg Hallett and continue to let your flunkies occupy the home owed to the actual Kings and Queens of Britain?

You need to rethink this -- seriously.

Every single one of those men owe fealty to the King of Gaul, including Gregory Hallett.

And the King of Gaul is not pleased by these developments.

The Earl of Shrewsbury is the lawful replacement for the Queen and you certainly know that. You are not going to be allowed to foist another ringer off on the people of England and all those purloined trust properties are going bye-bye, too.

You will be lucky to retain any kind of interest in any Church property at all, and it's your own fault.

Take your "King of the Commonwealth" and remove him to a suitable office and place -- not Buckingham Palace.

The people are going to know the whole truth -- the All of it. And they are going to act upon it.

The Saturnine Brotherhood has failed. Your "Black Rock" is of no use and your import portal is destroyed in less than a single night.

Stop the payload on its way to Saturn. There's no point in continuing to fight a war that ended 32,000 years ago. It's complete lunacy.

Reveal yourselves and remove yourselves from positions of power.

All of you. Now.

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