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Dad of My Kids Is a Criminal! Freedomain Call In
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Stefan Molyneux
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Published 23 days ago

Freedomain Call In 26 October 2023

I was seeing my brother the other week and we spoke about you and our previous call many years ago and since I am still struggling with my men, so to speak, he was very on to me about something that we discussed about my looks. And he really wanted me to like rebrand myself so he he was saying that my unluck with bad men is due how I present myself with clothing and appearance.

I'm not together with my children's father anymore.

So last time we spoke, I told you about, I was briefly seeing a guy with Tourette's, and this guy happens to be the father of my two children. And I have a three-year old girl and a 10-month old boy. And we kind of split like about more than a year ago. And he hasn't seen the children since this spring. And this is because, well, first of all, he's not in the country, and second, he wasn't being sane. He's bipolar, he has PTSD and quite a bit of a narcissist.

So when the children came, some of the problems got very clear and well, he also got worse with his sickness, so to speak. And yeah, so I'm alone with them and I still have the same look.

I guess that's my question is, is this true? Like, should I shave my head?

Like, never wear makeup, go, I don't know, get dressed in... I mean, I'm a mother today, so I would say I'm quite casual, but maybe even dress down even more, to maybe sometime in many years, but still, like, maybe meet someone later on.

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