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Peter McCullough: The Vaccine Catastrophe
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Published 12 days ago |
Dr. Peter McCullough’s zoom call with Voices for Freedom (Based in New Zealand), condensed down from 1 hour 45 minutes to 30 minutes edited by a_walk_to_the_beach on Bitchute and sub-titled here. This is packed with information and the take-home messages include:
• In order to get COVID you have to be in a room with somebody face to face for about 3 hours.
• Natural immunity as a COVID-recovered person is robust, complete and durable. It stops COVID where vaccination does not.
• The PCR test was never approved for people without symptoms because they are likely to generate false positives. Testing should never be done in asymptomatic individuals – they are not sick! You can only transmit the virus if you are SICK. There is no such thing as asymptomatic spread.
• None of the public measures (masks, lockdowns etc) are supportable – there is zero benefit.
• Early treatment is key, focusing on those who actually have COVID, not everybody else.
• We now have 13,000 deaths from the vaccines and we’ve never had a press briefing on safety or efficacy.
• The vaccines cause the body to make spike proteins, and because younger people have more vigorous spike protein production, they are especially damaged with neurologic, cardiac, immunologic and hematologic effects.
• The vaccinated are, it appears, super spreaders, carrying large amounts of virus and passing it to the unvaccinated, creating the delta pandemic.
• I think, honestly, the vaccine programme is a bigger problem than COVID in NZ. If tomorrow the vaccine went away, it would be a national holiday. I can’t think of any past drug or injection that is this dangerous.
• We have an out-of-control snowball of biological catastrophe and we’re doing it to ourselves at the point of a needle.
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