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Kiev Hides Defeat With Strikes In Russian Rear
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Published 9 days ago

Ukraine and NATO attempted another attack on the Russian rear regions, including the Crimean peninsula. They deployed the modern US-made ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles, HARM antiradar missiles as well as French-made precisions guided Hammer missiles and numerous UAVS; but all in vain.

Despite all their attempts to reach the targets, on the night of May 15, Russian Air Defense forces repelled the massive wave of strikes in different directions.

The local residents confirmed that numerous explosions thundered in the city of Sevastopol at night, as Russian air defenses was fighting enemy targets. Judging by the intensity of strikes, they supposed that the Belbek military airfield was one of the main targets of the night attack. On the morning the Russian Ministry of Defense summed up the results of the nigh battle. In total, 10 US-made ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles were destroyed over the Crimean peninsula. No damage was reported, but wreckage of several American missiles fell on the streets in Sevastopol.

The Russian military is demonstrating its high professionalism, repelling the massive simultaneous attacks of NATO missiles.

At night, the border region of Belgorod was targeted by HARM and Hammer missiles, Olkha MLRS and a dozen of UAVs. All of them were destroyed by Russian air defense forces. More UAVs were intercepted in the Kursk and Bryansk regions.

Two UAVs managed to break through Russian air defense and hit a fuel base in the Rostov region. The local authorities confirmed that two explosions thundered at the facility, but there were no fires and no injuries.

The massive shelling of the residential areas in the Russian border regions with different types of Ukrainian and NATO weapons is an attempt of the Ukrainian military to revenge its defeats on the battlefields. Unfortunately, civilian casualties are growing in Belgorod, Donetsk and other settlement as a result of the terrorist attacks by the Kiev regime.

However, the attacks on civilians have no effect on the balance of power on the frontlines.

The Russian army is successfully developing offensives in different directions. In the north, Russian assault groups are approaching the outskirts of Kharkiv. As a result of heavy battles, the town of Volchansk that was a Ukrainian stronghold came under almost the full Russian control. The village of Staritsa located nearby was also captured.

At the same time, Russian forces advanced in the Avdeevka direction, where the village of Umanskoe came under their control. After a short pause in the offensive operations, Russian troops launched the assault on the settlement about a week ago. As a result, the Ukrainian military was forced to rapidly escape.

Despite all Zelensky’s attempts to assure the public that the situation on the frontlines is under the control of the Ukrainian military, no one believes his lies any longer.


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