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Kevin Hoyt - They Cut The Power Because This Is Information They Don’t Want You To Hear
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Published 2 months ago

Kevin Hoyt is a born & raised, native VERMONTER. His adult career started in engineering and as a draftsman in the structural steel industry. From there Kevin went on to host and produce a national television show as a conservation educator. Kevin has started conservation programs all over the world, has sidelined as a freelance camera operator, and is a wildlife artist and an outdoor writer. Nominated for Field and Stream magazine's "Heroes of Conservation" , the outdoors is a big part of his core values. Kevin also got involved in politics, ran for VT Governor in 2020 & 2022, and is running again in 2024, this time in exile, due to an illegal, unconstitutional warrant for his arrest. He is a "reporting party" in a federal RICO investigation, exposing the corruption in his home state, around the country and the world.

He is exposing child and human trafficking and spotlights the J6 lie, interviewing the arrested victims. He was endorsed and a featured "America First" speaker. From election audits to vaccine concerns, from exposing corruption to policy,Β  bringing forth technologies and his drive to save VT, Kevin is a leader and is doing the hard work to help us connect the dots.

Kevin felt like many of us and wanted to know too, β€œWhat is really going on in this world”? He set out to be boots on the ground and has been travelling this country for over 5 years talking to people, to find out for himself. He has a wealth of knowledge to share with us.

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