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From QTuber$ to QGrifter$: How Robert David Steel Has Resurrected the QAnon LARP Back On to Social Media
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Published 8 months ago |
Back in 2017 when Q and QAnon came on to the YouTube scene and Social Media I kept my eyes on who was behind it's YouTube growth and who was pushing it's growth within YouTube. I have been in the YouTube Truth Community since 2013 so I was no Johnny Come Lately when I saw a psyop coming our way. By the Summer of 2018 I had seen the frenzied growth of the QAnon phenomenon and as soo as Isaac Kappy had his 'coming out' interview with Nathan at Lift the Veil and saw QAnon and Kappy go completely viral on YouTube and social media I spent the rest of 2018 focusing solely on the question: 'Who is behind QAnon?' By November 2018 I was completely satisfied that through my investigating and research I found the one person who was behind the promotion of QAnon on Social Media and YouTube. This Promoter had hand picked one man to recruit other YouTubers (besides Tracy Beanz) to cover and dissect the Q Drops on their YouTube channels. Which in the end paid off in subs, views and eventually large monetized donations until YouTube shut them down one year later. That one man is the same individual who is behind this second wave of QAnon Story Telling here on Social Media. That man is none other then... RDS. This is Part One of a Two Part Report. Part Two will be posted on Sunday and will look at why this present crop of Q Anon Grifters have turned against one of the original QTubers - Jordan Sather.

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