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Censorship, and current stats & developments with the vaccine plandemic -Dr. Eric Nepute
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Seeking Truth By Investigation
Published 3 months ago |
Dr. Eric Nepute shares some insights on recent developments, (he's giving away free immune boosting supplements BTW) and also shares some statistics.
Herd immunity: Is when 57% of a population has been infected and then recovered. That’s when things start to go uphill so to speak.
We have 330 million Americans in the US. 90 million have already been reported to have had infection with Covid 19. 60-65 million have recovered already. 5 million have been vaccinated (at the time of this recording)
99 million (about 30-33% of the population) have had T cell immunity even prior to 2020 and can’t get Covid 19.
All of this means that 194 million Americans (58% of the population) have already had Covid, been vaccinated or can’t get it in the first place. Herd immunity is 57% so why does the "pandemic" continue...? Why are he, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Axe threats to society? This is absolutely diabolical "InDoctorNation"
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