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Pete Santilli: "Democrats Have Now Become Domestic Terrorists Complicit In A Coup"" -1636-6P
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The Pete Santilli Show
Published 9 months ago |
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Trump on Wednesday released the transcript of the phone call with Zelensky, which shows there was no such quid pro quo. The transcript shows Trump did broach the subject of Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and the former Vice President’s efforts while in office to pressure the Ukrainian government to terminate a government prosecutor investigating his son’s company. But in the transcript, the new Ukrainian president Zelensky agrees with Trump and says he is planning to investigate the Biden scandal. Privately, several aides to top Democrats on Capitol Hill expressed concerns about the lack of a focus on the impeachment move; without a clear outcome in mind. “If you’re going to take a shot at the king, you best not miss,” one House Democrat leadership aide told Breitbart News. “And we do not have a pathway to win without 20 GOP votes in the Senate. We are nowhere near that, not even close.”
E-Militia Article: Pete Santilli: “THIS IS AN EXTREME ABUSE OF POWER: Democrats Have Now Become Domestic Terrorists Complicit In A Coup”

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