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Q Identity Revealed - The True Story of Q
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Published 8 months ago |
The True Story of the real Q
Only facts determine truth from lies.
To understand this information, you should be knowledgeable about the Chan Boards where Q originated from. Most followers of Q and Anons get the information known as drops from websites posting drops that were posted on the Chans.

The 4chan -8chan Q poster(s) used the hook that he/she was a high ranking military official with top secret Q clearance, leaking top secret information.

Although the Chan Board Q, and Q drops were not from a secret military official leaking classified information, the Q movement did produce QANON.

QANON is a movement not loyal to just Q drops , but instead a movement of truth seeking researchers also known as Digital Soldiers. QANONS began spreading truth that the MSM would never communicate to the public.

Understand that the TRUTH will always be a threat to those trying to hide it. This is the main reason why QANON has been viciously attacked by the main stream media.

There are some bad police officers, that doesn’t make all police officers bad. There are some crazy QAnons, doesn’t make all QAnons crazy.

The history of Q on the Chan Boards is easy to trace. If you are not familiar with the Chans, understand that the Admins of the boards could access and reset account info, including the Q account. Meaning if any DeepState bad guys, or real law enforcement good guys wanted to find out who this Top Secret leaker was, it wouldn’t have been very hard.

While the original Q advised all the way back to 2017 of multiple arrests of high profile politicians and celebrities, as of today Guantánamo Bay holds no such prisoners.

This information should in no way discourage anyone from researching the nefarious agendas of the DeepState and multiple bad actors such as Bill Gates, the Clintons, Luciferians, Big Tech, the Cabals,China and so many others. These are all real rabbit holes.

The TRUTH is out there, the real question is what will you do with the truth once you have it ?
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