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Exposing Narcissism
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Published 6 months ago

Jaymee joins Max in a rich discussion about what narcissism is, how to identify and deal with a narcissist, how our society is structured to support narcissism and how we can cope with them in our lives. Jaymee defines how narcissists reject their true selves and create an inflated false self that needs other people to constantly reinforce their specialness. Characteristics such as control, narcissistic rage, using others as objects, blaming and using others as supply are aspects of narcissism, and Jaymee and Max explore the connections to sociopathy and psychopathy. The duo also talk about how celebrities model it, how the people in high positions of power embody it and how our current gender ideology is based on it. Jaymee and Max finish by exploring why people become narcissists and how to protect ourselves from being their prey

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