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USA and 2022 - Astrology, what could happen in 2022 with Pluto’s return in relation to current events?
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Published 6 months ago |
The Good Fight ForEvermore Noble Lies Plato 12 29 2021
Astrology, what could happen in 2022 with Pluto’s return in relation to current events?
2022 is upon us –a quick retrospective before 2021, which began with Jan 6th Rally in Washington DC. An enthusiastic Rally of Trump supporters upset that that the 2020 election was corrupt by voting fraud.
The Capitol building was breached and Democrats immediately label it an insurgency … Martial Law was declared and the National Guard was brought in and Washington DC was fenced in for the Biden Inauguration.
US veteran Ashli Babbitt shot to death by Capitol Security and the cover up began.
Democrats and GOP NEOCONS make accusations about the event, but video shows FBI entrapment. Trump supporters attended peacefully, but the now-labeled insurgents have cause many question about who was really behind the chaos and it was the government Itself.
Biden Administration and treasonous top brass of the military who botched the Afghanistan withdrawal so badly that America’s enemies are sword rattling.
Covid-19 added to the division after 2020-21 shutdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates. Faulty Testing Methods, Suppression of Therapeutics, Data and Vaccinations that resulted from President Trump Warp Speed vaccinations development … despite qualified experts in the virology and immunologists stating this last variant the OMICON is like natures vaccine that should end the pandemic.
Biden forcing jab or lose your jobs… Fuel prices through the roof … Lies and false information is being fed to our country and the world about climate change! Fed Reserve – the force behind financial issues wants to raise the interest rates and the government is trying to tell us it will curb inflation …
Huge protests around the world where Free People are refusing to comply with mandates and masking. The media refuses to broadcast them to We The People.
So what is ahead? Many ways to determine the future … larger cycles … astrology is an ‘illusion, because it is, but, one of the best illusions we have, as it can show timing and quality of events.
Joni Patry, Vedic astrologer … tropical and sidereal zodiacs are useful, but for different purposes. Vedic seems to be more predictive in terms of timing.
First clip of USA Pluto Return, then Xi and China’s charts. Pluto Return, a first time event for the USA. No individuals experience Pluto returns, unless they live over 240 some odd years …
This video was published in October of 2020 –BEFORE the 2020 election in November, and predictive of 2021.
Did her predictions pan out? Let’s see …
“Pluto has just made a complete revolution.” … about 245 years on average.
Pluto and Underworld, economy; the Financial System something must die before it is reborn; finances is all not working; something unbelievable will happen; “major shift and change of office in leadership in 2021 – transformational shift happens in 2022. Unbelievable … writing is on the wall.”
“If The World is in Debt for Trillions of Dollars, Who is The World in Debt to?
Maybe 2022 exposes who … We The People of The World will need to unwaveringly demand the answer to that question. Enjoy the ride.
Second Video: What is the Future for China and the US is From December 24, 2021 “China must be watch… let me put that mildly.”
Two charts, USA and Xi Ping, Xi wants control of the United States
The US is a Threat to His Rule. He is very intelligent, but Xi is an angry man Angry Leaders throughout history have fallen from power from acting in anger that clouds their judgment.
“USA leadership … something is about to change Big Time.”
corona / USA / China “a hit – a terrorist attack that affected the world.”
Xi wants to take over the US; sees it as a threat; 8th house, rahu/ketu, dark secrets, money exchange
Biden and US chart; USA Moon creating a grand cross. Wake Up. Moon affects the emotions, the public of a nation. Truth will come out; the Media is more powerful than the President. Something will be revealed about Joe Biden it is in his chart; a loss, due to Biden. January 2022; media shocks – something hidden will be revealed.
January 5th events on or around that date. Biden and Trump speaking on the 6th.about the Jan 6th 2021 event at the Capitol
US Supreme Court will be hearing the cases on the Biden Mandates on Jan 7th Also 5G FCC and FTC, ATC all impacted.
Jan 10th the US Russian Talks on the Ukraine take place
Jan 1st all truckers crossing US Canadian border will have to show Proof of Vaccination, many have refused to comply and will cause a shutdown of supplies from food and other products. New Border Restrictions Jan 1st
China buying up food supply!
Destiny Issues; leadership of China and US at odds.
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