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Sandy Hook: 15 Kids Crammed Into 4X3X9 Bathroom is Impossible (Peekay)
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News Paradigm
Published 3 months ago |
Alleged Sandy Hook teacher, Kaitlin Roig brags about saving her 15 students by pulling a bookshelf over in front of the bathroom door before closing it with 15 students inside (Visualize that) --- But Peekay points out the Sandy Hook bathroom door opens to the INSIDE, making it impossible for the door to close, assuming that 15 kids could actually fit into the tiny 4X3X9 bathroom to begin with. -- When Roig appeared on theDr. OZ show the bathroom cleverly constructed where the door opened to the outside, offering a tiny bit of plausible deniability. -- Lastly, All school bathrooms are required to have a door that opens to the inside without hitting the commode. It should also have a sink, running water and a towel dispenser - all missing from this fake scenario.

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