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Elon Musk's thousands of 5G Starlink satellites will heat up our planet with 2-4 °C cause sea level rise WARN XR! 2023-07-09 18 40
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Published 7 months ago

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All the Satellites in Space Could Crack Open the Ozone Layer

Jew World Order

Fact Check: Did George Soros Help Nazis Confiscate Jewish Property?

George Soros wasn't a Nazi, he was a 14-year-old Jew who hid from them | The Independent | The Independent

George Soros & uncle looted the houses of #Jews in Nazi Germany - YouTube

The case for space environmentalism | Nature Astronomy

Radiofrequency and Microwaves



Radiation: Electromagnetic fields

Radiation and health

How Many Satellites Are In Orbit Right Now - change comin

Does your country have a satellite orbiting the earth? | Science and Technology News | Al Jazeera

Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies | CNN Politics


Search Results | CDC


Preparedness and Response Campaigns | CDC

Justa Numerican: The Sum of All Things 5

63 terror drills that went live since 1993 at DuckDuckGo

63 Cases Since 1993 Where the Terror "Drill" Became Reality -- guess we need to add a few more to this list : conspiracy

Questioning Our Reality: 63 Government Drills That Have Gone Live Since 1993

63 Government Drills That Have Gone Live Since 1993 | Verum Et Inventa

More US Drill Death in Waco Explosion – Drill Stops for Reality, Again | Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

CERC Corner - Zombie Talk and Preparedness

Preparedness 101; zombie pandemic

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse - Wikipedia

SpaceX Officially Discontinued Starlink Satellites - YouTube


Space Shuttle Flight 8 (STS-8) Post Flight Presentation - YouTube

Godson Definition & Meaning |


Conversion Chart Watts milliWatts microWatts cm2 m2

Microwaves heat up the earths atmosphere!

2.45 Ghz. is absorbed by water molecules and 60 Ghz. is absorbed for 98% by oxygen molecules. This is why 2.45 Ghz. is used by microwave ovens that plastify food. They are heating up our planet's atmosphere fastest of all frequencies.

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