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That Shot Did Alter Your DNA! We need a Grand Jury & you need the best health Recovery
Published 3 months ago

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That Shot Did Alter Your DNA! We need a Grand Jury & you need the best health Recovery

Dr. Henry Ealy - Dr. “H” – Founder, Energetic Healing Institute & Leader, “Beyond the Con” Grand Jury Initiative

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With the Covid vaccine continuing to exacerbate all-cause mortality, it’s getting harder to deny that the injection is part of a nefarious, depopulation scheme.

What’s insane is even some conservatives who helped Health Freedom defeat the mandates that put America’s workers between a dangerous experiment and having their lives sabotaged - STILL inaccurately defend the mainstream rhetoric that AT LEAST the shot reduced hospitalization… if not transmission or infection.  Are even our “friends” still this far removed from reality? 

What is also insane – given all of the evidence of harm that the jab has caused – is that dozens of colleges still forbid attendance by the unvaxxed; and the jab is still recommended by the CDC – even for toddlers.

Early on in the Plandemic, Dr. H - as friends call him - formed a Grand Jury to investigate the corruption.  He knew Congress couldn’t be trusted to honestly review the crimes against humanity, or properly redress grievances from the swath of those injured or killed.

Beyond defending humanity from evil globalists and their biotech grifters, Dr. H offers the most cutting-edge Holistic Nutrition, Cellular Cleansing, Fasting, and Health Recovery Certifications at the Energetic Health Institute. His Holistic Nutrition Certification has been thoroughly evaluated and approved for board certification by the National Association of Nutrition Professions (NANP).

Wildly popular with students, Dr. Ealy is in constant exploration and organization of the healing sciences to help you discover what life can feel like at your very best!  He put together the best in healing with the 20 hours-long "Healing for the Ages".

Make no mistake that we live in the most technologically advanced age of bioweapons that integrate with each other and with the capability of disrupting the foundations of cellular functioning, electron transfer and gas exchange. 

 Knowing what Bioweapons are is a start. Knowing what to do about them is essential.

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