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WAG THE DOG, THE UKRAINE VERSION - We're being PUNKED! AGAIN!! - Are YOU falling for it? - 7772666
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Published 2 years ago
From Dancing Queen Talent show act to Ukraine Teee Veee comedic actor "president" to the alleged actual president of Ukraine - I'd normally say that you can't make this stuff up, yet apparently that is precisely what "they" did. AND PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT!

Must WATCH this all the way through.

I mean come-on people, can't you see what "they" are doing? I mean look at all the absolute buffoons in propped-up puppet leadership positions EVERYWHERE. If you can't discern that you are being punked and manipulated then please unsub this channel - you don't belong here, go hang-out with other grown-ups who still believe in Santa...

Don't forget WHY "they" have magically snapped their fingers to change the mainstream NEWS narrative from COVID and all it's deadly variants to {SNAP} WAG THE DOG WAR with Russia...
It's because we have been systematically dismantling their complete BS "contagious virus" deception scheme - GERM THEORY and VIROLOGY IS DEAD! and we've been writing it's obituary which has been rapidly gaining steam and people are quickly waking up to it - so "they" needed a distraction, and all this BIZARRE BUFFOONERY with Ukraine and Russia is it.

BTW, do you remember the fake news network called ABC that was caught faking a Syrian battle by using footage from an actual Gun Show? I do. I'm telling you:

And this includes: ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NBC, Wall street Journal, Time Mag, New yorker, Washington Times, New York Times..... etc etc etc. or ANY major media or social media - if it's on your Teeee Veeee, then it's BS - if it's from any popular online site, then it's BS. And YES, I'm saying that you can't trust ANY media anywhere - just turn the shit off and be done with it. Been over a year and a half for us, we don't have cable, or fake satellite Teee Veee and we don't even turn on the over the air channels - and WOW! the peace is amazing, TRY IT! We simply read read read (mostly the bible), then I'll skim through all the subscriptions, filtering out the approx 95% controlled opposition nonsense looking for those really exposing truth, usually the little guy with no resources but has enough sense to notice the things that aren't quite right... If you want the truth, then you'll find it - but if you just want Confirmation Bias, then you'll find that too.

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