Why America is Babylon — Stewart Best
7151 views • 08/17/2019

This classic video is a timeless work of Bible prophecy research by Stewart C. Best.

Stewart has been teaching, preaching, and researching prophecy and truth for over 30 years. 

He is a prolific writer and videographer who lets the Bible speak for itself, not always a popular view these days.

This is a must-watch video in order to understand what is happening in the world today; and, to understand the madness that is taking over America.

More importantly, you can know the near future of America and plan accordingly.


1. The Fourth Beast of Daniel 7 explained;

2. The All-Seeing Eye in the Bible; and,

3. "Six hundred threescore and six" explained.

[*** Permission Was Granted by the Publisher to Upload this Copyrighted Video ***]

FROM THE AUTHOR/PUBLISHER: A two-hour documentary complete with full documentation from Scripture proving that AMERICA IS BABYLON THE GREAT, the mighty end-time nation of Bible prophecy, that introduces the world to Lucifer (THE KING OF BABYLON AND THE “MAN OF SIN” ).

This video will shock you as it disproves the commonly held concepts of Babylon and who Mystery Babylon really is.

The vast majority of “prophetic experts” will tell you that America is not in prophecy. They are either very deceived or under the influence of “willful ignorance” to make such totally untrue claims.

America is not only in Bible Prophecy, she plays one of the leading parts in the last days of this Earth.

Learn the real truth and prepare yourself, for America is in dire trouble that is only going to get far, far worse. 

Want to know why we are deep in financial trouble? 

Want to know why we are rapidly turning into a DICTATORIAL POLICE STATE? 

The prophecies of the Bible tell all about it, thousands of years in advance – God showed His true prophets all about America and her horrible end. 

See 99 Biblical parameters here and prove this wrong:

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