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Celeste Solum Exposes Nanotechnology Contained within COVID-19 Vaccine
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Published 4 years ago
Celeste Solum, a former employee with FEMA, explains and exposes in great detail the Eugenics agenda with graphene hydrogel and quantum dot vaccines that will be contained within the same COVID-19 injection that the state has been pushing as the 'one shot silver bullet' to cure the ''virus'' they have been hyping since day one. The graphene-based hydrogel and quantum dots within the ''vaccine'' change your DNA, turning you into a 'biological robot', reducing you to a mere node within the Internet of Things (IoT), which will run off of the 5G network when it is fully activated. After this you will COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR FREE WILL and will be a SLAVE to the Artificial Super Intelligence Global Digital Brain that big tech is building. If this IS the Mark of the Beast then you will lose your soul as well, if you take this ''vaccine'', according to The Bible. (Could THIS be why they quietly and covertly erected 5G towers and equipment all over the world WHILE people were locked down in their homes? I think so.)

All pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacture of these ''vaccines'' are in some way connected to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, (with a visible money trail as can be seen on the grants section of the foundation website) and this same Foundation is controlling the ENTIRE COVID narrative and government implementation worldwide. COVID stands for 'Certificate of Vaccination ID' and is an agenda by Gates Foundation, along with the Rockefeller Foundation, to microchip, track and trace the entire human population with their 'Mark of the Beast'-style technology, patented by Microsoft in March 2020 - Patent No: WO2020060606 - in binary form the 060606 converts to 666 - which is known as the Mark of the Beast in the Bible. Could this be the literal reason why they locked the world down?

Gates is in league with the Rockefellers with ID2020 (who are KNOWN Satanic banking family- Checkout Aaron Russo's interview with Alex Jones) and Microsoft released an advert on Mixed Reality with known Satanist Marina Abramovic which had to be pulled soon after, due to the backlash.

Another highly suspicious factor is that the patent is for 'Cryptocurrency System Using Body Sensitivity Data' which means they actually ANTICIPATE rewarding a Universal Basic Income cryptocurrency to people through a technology that must IN SOME WAY be IMPLANTED into your human body to work and reward you with currency. This can only be justified after a GREAT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CRASH and REMOVAL OF ALL CASH from the world economy. (Which will be blamed on COVID-19). With DARPA the technology for the enslavement of the human race is here the form of these so-called ''vaccines''.

This is why Dr. Cyrus Parsa filed a lawsuit on behalf of the entire human population against Big Tech, Bill Gates, the Chinese Communist Party, Rockefeller Foundation, Nancy Pelosi and various other government officials for endangering humanity using Artificial Intelligence.
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