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Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Money, Credit, Debt: How does it Effect Day to Day Life?
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Let Them Eat Credit
1,2,3, 1,2,3 Welcome to, the Bitter Sea, I.O.U, U.O Me, bitter sea, oh bitter sea, the bitter sea of Currency, the bitter sea has engulfed you & me. You & me lost at sea, in all of this currency.
Paper tigers, paper planes, paper notes of promises, bills of rights are paper thin. Bills of exchange thick with lies. The more untrue the more we buy, buying into the biggest lie.
Lies & truths who can tell. Tell on me, I’ll tell on you. The teller is a liar too. Lying through ignorance is not lying at all, when the lie came from school. School is the greatest lie of all, when you are under masonic rule.
Masons pass their promise notes, signed in their own blood, borrowed from another blood bank. Just one more commercial wank. Financial ground is covered in their seed, the seed of destruction for you & me. 010203010203 their seed is now binary. Bind by force, bind by greed, bind into obscurity.
A derivative of a deviant lands in court, for money spent. Passed to me, passed to you, passed by the law of the greatest fool. Fool or tool? Who can tell? The cheque board of life has served them well. In the red or in the black, the cheque book had a heart attack. Heart you say, what is that?
Grantor of Dominion.

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