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Published 4 months ago

Afraid so. It is also a dude in drag. Everything governments do is a lie. It is always about something else. They are never doing what the say they are doing, they never tell you why an organization really exists, or that organizations true purpose. It is all one huge lie. Everything. It sucks when you finally figure out that they exist to profit off of the people. And now it is really bad as they are using genocide of the people and murder to profit.

Here is some more info on the fake Statue Of Liberty:

The Statue Of Liberty Is A Symbol Of Lucifer:

More videos you may find eye opening or they may make you want to close them:

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Remember Tarzan and Jane? This is their next tree neighbor Janet who drinks a lot🤣🤣🤣

If you have too many Covid vaccinations, you are no longer able to get life insurance

We know old buildings were used to generate energy. But what if...(I never thought of this)🤔

Former Satanist reveals some scary things most don't know about Halloween I had not heard this stuff

We know our bodies are batteries. Here are some ways to charge up and some things that discharge us.

Removing a parasite from someone. I didn't know they got that large😳😳😳

Retired IDF soldiers talk about their crimes while in the Israeli military and laugh as they do so.

Migrant says he is soldier for the U.N. and he has been sent here

Black sodomite tranny (Bigfoot) tries to enter a female restroom - A child’s mom is having none of it

The Simpsons told us about Direct Energy Weapons...BLUE did not burn by the way...

Where did everyone go? Lots of buildings no people. Was this the last reset? San Francisco 1878?

Reptilians.... Truth Or Lies? Real or not?

Oprah explains how a 7yr old getting his penis groped feels good to him...

They are supposed to be on the Space Station but where did he say they were? Oooops!🚀👨🏼‍🚀🛸👽

Is Taylor Swift a former high level Satanist? She may not be Taylor at all. - Disclosure Hub

12 USC 531. Effective October 1st 2023 - Exception from taxation. Did you know this?

Children for sale - Inside Cambodia's brothel district - watch at your own risk

Did they execute a reset then release old technology as new once again? What is really going on?😳🪦

Lizard people catacombs under Los Angles, California?

Vax pushing Hollywood slut hospitalized after her 'booster shot' busts her ass

Bombshell Government Report Says The Unvaxed Are Being Tracked

You don't have to go meet the new neighbors coming to town. They will come you...

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