How Deep do Amway Business Partnerships Go? | Judah Ayers & Maryam Henein
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The footage for Part 2 of this interview has been found! Watch the full interview on the Dark Side of Amway with Judah Ayers on Rumble or Rokfin on Friday, February 16th, 2024.

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22 Years as an Amway Individual Business Owner IBO who woke up to the truth after Jan 6th. Prior to that I was a Big Ten Athlete who played football for Legendary Coach Nick Saban which Brett and I have in common. I am partnered with Ohio Brett who is reaching the world with his show on Brighteon.TV a truth a faster-growing media Truth Channel. I was a business major and engineer at Michigan State University, and today a business owner, Patriot, and Defender of Freedom, Exposing the Hidden Truths of the UN's NWO.

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