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Scientists Prove SARS-COV-2-(Covid-19) Does Not Exist - Covid-19 Myths EXPOSED!
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Published 14 days ago |
A brilliant presentation by Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman of Dr Stephan Lanka's Latest Research which definitively proves that so-called "Contagious Viruses" and specifically (Covid-19) does not exist.

If there is no such thing as SARS-COV-2 THEN:
- There is no known structure such as a "spike protein".
- There is no known genetic sequence.
- Then there can be no genetic variants or mutations.
- Then there's no way to develop a test for something that is NEVER there.
- And therefore, there is no way to demonstrate a cause for a disease.
- The "pandemic" was a lie, based on another lie, based on the known false "Germ/Virus Theory"
- Bottom line, it's all BS!

Undeniable, Irrefutable Logic - SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) NEVER EXISTED, everyone has been gaslighted into BELIEVING a lie - AGAIN!

Also in this video,
- Dr Cowan exposes the very crafty "virus" validation psyop called "Pathogenic Priming"; which is the story being circulated that the "vaccinated" may experience an over reaction when the vaccinated person encounters the actual SARS-COV-2(covid-19) "virus", (which we now know as scientific fact doesn't even exist), and that this "over reaction" could possibly cause terrible sickness or death. What this is, is the controllers of this world who pulled this fake-demic fiasco, are desperately attempting to put the genie back in the bottle using this twisted little DAMAGE CONTROL tactic, because the TRUTH about "Germ/Virus Theory"(the escaped genie) being a fraud is spreading very rapidly.

- It appears that the Anti-Vax community has been infiltrated and is being run and or influenced by controlled opposition with the intent of continually validating the "Germ/Virus Theory" by coming-up with stories like "Pathogenic Priming", and then Gatekeeping any information which clearly shows that "Germ/Virus Theory" is false; all under the cloak and guise of ANTI-VAX... Lenin would have been proud.

- Dr Kaufman talks about the "In Silico Genome" (meaning IN SILICON, meaning IN a Computer SIMULATION - silicon being one of the main elements that computers are made of - aka, Silicon Computer Chips) In other words, when they SAY that they sequenced Covid-19 In Silico, it simply means that THEY MADE IT UP! Dr Kaufman does a great job of explaining this for non doctor people - like me.

- Dr Kaufman, using their own research document which makes the claim that they sequenced covid-19, shows that they actually did not sequence it at all, but made it up in a computer. If you want to have a really good understanding of how "they" fooled us; then watch this.

- Covers: What Is a mRNA "Vaccine"?

- Covers: The far-fetched, non scientific, unsubstantiated rumors about "Shedding" (or that vaccinated people are causing well, non vaccinated people to get covid-19 by being near them - yes, I rolled my eyes too :)

- Dr Kaufman reveals how that in so-called scientific publications which make claims that a virus was "isolated"; how they need to conceal relevant information and have to essentially trick the reader into believing that they did something according to procedure, but then you find out after carefully reading ALL relevant documentation(the stuff they hid), that the reality is that they did nothing of the sort and it is merely crafty word-play to convince the reader.

- If you want real good down-to-earth common sense and LOGICAL scientific explanations for what is really happening concerning this fake-demic; then watch this video.

- The current "Germ/Virus" paradigm of sickness is dead - the problem is, is that this truth is in a battle between truthers spreading it to the masses verses the Mainstream Government, Medical and Pharmaceutical entities who stand to lose Trillions$ of dollars and all of their credibility if this knowledge ever reaches a critical mass. This Goliath fraud has as it's allies, it's four mega brothers to overcome with it; Mainstream Media, Social Media, the Education Systems and our Fascist Government itself - it is indeed a daunting task, but truth must win, so load your slingshots with five smooth stones of TRUTH, and aim for the head...

- In regards to whether "Covid-19" was an engineered bio-weapon, the answer was: There is no such thing as a contagious "virus", therefore it's another false ploy to validate the failed theory. But it turns out that the actual "Engineered Bio-weapon" is indeed the so-called "vaccine"; and not because it's a "virus", it isn't, but because of it's TOXIC nature and it's potential ability to modify the human genome; making someone possibly no longer human, but "trans-human", which happens to be one of the "elites" goals by the year 2030.

Everyone, please, STOP using the brain that the government gave you and start using the one God gave you.

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