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Fascism in Russia. Life does not belong to man
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Published 2 months ago |
Putin's degenerates rule the country and suck our blood!
The life of a Russian does not belong to him, but to the Fuhrer.
A complete feeling of life in a cattle depot, while the owners of Russia bathe in luxury ....

Today's Russia meets most of the criteria that make up fascism:

Cult of one leader (Vladimir Putin)

Cult of the dead for something great (WWII victory)

The myth of the former greatness of the empire and the desire to return this greatness

Powerful propaganda machine

Visual symbols as a sign of ownership (Z and V)

Mass events in support of the leader

Hate speech towards a specific group of people

On video: The publication "Vecherniye Vedomosti" published a video from the video recorder of Putin's scum, who, as part of an organized group, by prior agreement with accomplices in uniform, were engaged in bullying, torture and threats of falsification of criminal cases, against the townspeople, with the aim of intimidation, on March 6.

The footage shows how a group of local residents who were walking along Lenin Avenue were seated in a circle on the sidewalk. Also on the footage you can see how a random victim who refuses to endure bullying, put a bandwagon and throw it on the asphalt. And the man who tried to get the phone was brutally beaten with a baton and promised to be charged with “resisting the police.”

Each Putin scum involved in crimes against citizens will inevitably be punished in due time.

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