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Magnetobiology, introduction of "our" book 😁👍
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Karine Savard
Published 14 days ago |

The fraudulent studies of electromagnetic fields on biological tissue taking into acount only the thermal effects on the body is a disgrace to the field of biophysics as it denies the fact we are magneto-electric-light energy beings.

As a french teacher I did however work at many different departments of the canadian government among which the telecommunications and spectrum management sector. I also acquired quite some knowledge through reading books on this topic as the mainstream sciences will not be truthfull about our suppressed potential through the manipulation/poisoning of our electromagnetic environment.

I showed you how your router 2.4Ghertz is basically a water destructuring device. Hence the importance of restructuring your water. Also does this frequency make ecoli bacteria antibiotic resistant (which is the petri dish for crispr technology using snake venom found in vaccines)

Also the blood shows an immediate rouleau effect in less than 10 minutes when exposed to a smartmeter. Meaning, the blood transport of oxygen is being severely affected causing health problems such as brainfog, dizziness, head aches, tinnitus, hairloss etc. Add to this an iphone, smartwatch, ipad, you name it and you swim in a toxic soup that promotes illness, accelerated ageing and many cancers (!) My uncle has non hodgekin lymphoma on the side of his face where he normally holds his phone. He said I was crazy for telling him it is probably due to his cellphone use 🙄 Right. The only difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact is... time! And I'll prove it, together with you, my tribe here at Brighteon, by reading our book and by spreading he word! Let's accelerate the awakening! 

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