Mom shows communist school board obscene library book
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"Cop Stops Mom from Showing Images of Graphic Books Available to Students in Hillsborough Schools"

‘This is in children’s libraries here in Hillsborough County’


GEBHARDS: “All seven members of the committee were also asked to look at this image. This was in the book and they all unanimously said that this -- and along with that 15 page --" [crosstalk]

POLICEMAN: "Keep that off the screen."

GEBHARDS: "OK. This is in children's libraries here in Hillsborough County, approved by that committee unanimously at Plant High. It's in multiple schools. There's 10 images of that woman's naked breasts in that book."


"During the public comment section of a recent school board meeting, a Florida mother attempted to share a sexually explicit image featured in a school library book, but she was promptly interrupted, the New York Post reported. Julie Gebhards, a Tampa resident, addressed the Hillsborough County school board, hoping to bring attention to an inappropriate graphic novel in the district’s libraries."

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