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Psychosis of Darkness, Organizing Anarchy & Corporatized Consciousness
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Published 2 years ago |
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We took off two weeks to really dig into other topics such as mass societal programming and how the values we once held dear, are radically being challenged or usurped. This week, we're following up on Marianne Williamson's debate comments about the "dark psychic force" that's sweeping the nation, and how it's influencing more people than we think. How could she have known that these mass shooters worshiped Satan, or does she just know how sick we've become?

Regardless of your answer, radical leftists and warhawk neocons are pushing for some kind of domestic conflict, and we're seeing the birth pangs of the destabilization surface in America today. These unfortunate mass shootings will continue, not only because they've been orchestrated to do so, but because they are also a symptom of the aforementioned sick society we find ourselves in. While we try to rationalize why these people are carrying out these attacks, we are simultaneously being prepared to accept more.

In a time like this, where polarized feelings are more familiar than peace, extremity become common place and middle ground becomes foreign as society is pushed from problem to problem. The collective advocacy of government automation removes the individuals choice to dictate their own future, and as fear becomes the driving factor, mistakes will be made. From gun confiscations, to pre-crime, to conspiracy theories being a threat, due to the nature of our times, we don't understand the gravity of the importance of these things, and as they're obfuscated, so will our future be.

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