Black Dragon Wolfsangel #DesignerVision
44 views • 2 months ago

Is the powerful image I used in my Black Dragon designs hateful or discriminatory? No, do your homework. Is it racist? No, again, do your homework. Are you a nazi? No, and since you failed to accomplish the task required to discern as such, I have done the homework for you. This is just like high school, I do the work, you copy me, and I get made fun of. I am waaaay past that name-calling turd-flinging level of consciousness, and so are dragons. The wolfsangel is a trapping trigger mechanism; in the old days, it is how we protect livestock from wolves and thieves, so that our community has food to eat and we don’t need to resort to barbarism, thievery, or empirical servitude.

Use this iconic design to subliminally deter would-be aggressors. Your trap is now set, waiting… waiting for some gullible sucker to press their luck and GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

Black Dragon All-Over-Print men’s windbreaker

Black Dragon All-Over-Print men’s rash guard

Black Dragon All-Over-Print women’s rash guard

Black Dragon All-Over-Print track pants

Black Dragon All-Over-Print minimalist backpack

Black Dragon embroidered black beanie hat

Black dragon shorts, travel mugs, and more (Moringa!!!) at the Etsy shop linked at

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